Minecraft Creeper Valentine Box

Every year my children have a Valentine party at their school and the teachers ask them to bring in a shoebox of sorts to put all their valentines and treats in. It’s a cute project and I love their ideas when it comes down to figuring out just what they want to create. My son is very much into the game Minecraft and well, his choice didn’t surprise me. Honestly, once he decided the character he wanted to make, I know it would be easy.


Here’s my handsome boy. Yes I know he needs a haircut but regardless-handsome!


First things first, gather all the materials. Creating a pixel effect was the simplest thing ever. All I had to do was cut 2×2 squares of construction paper with the colors of choice. Easy, right?!





Once the box was assembled, it was just a matter of gluing each square on to create the pixel effect. We decided the glue stick would work just fine and it did. Square after square, you can see it coming together. I basically guided him at the beginning and from there he caught on.



Next, we cut out the shape of the eyes and mouth and glued on once all the pixels were in place.


There it is. I decided to cut out a hole on the top of the box verses the original one because we wanted the face visually centered.

And that’s that! Done!

Happy Pixeling,


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