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Kids Lounge January 21, 2014

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Picnic 028 Picnic 029 Picnic 030

A few months ago I decided to paint and rearrange the kids lounge. They hang out in the room daily and it needed some sprucing. I decided to paint, get rid of a few things, buy some items and rearrange the furniture. I do need to invest in a proper sofa and ottoman soon because my babies are growing :(

Picnic 031 Picnic 032 Picnic 033 Picnic 034 Picnic 035 Picnic 036 Picnic 037

First things first, prep the room for painting. I had to take everything down off the walls and fill in the holes with filler and did some sanding as well. I then primed the patches before painting. This progress isn’t the funniest part of painting but it makes for a beautiful clean and smooth wall.

Picnic 038

Let the fun begin! I get my painting tools together after I laid down the painters cloth.

Picnic 039 Picnic 040

Here is the color I decided on Warm Cocoon. It’s warm and cocooning. LOL

HPicnic 041 Picnic 042

I love painting and pouring the paint so I can begin rolling is my favorite part.

I started the painting as soon as I dropped the kids off at the bus stop and was done by the time I had to pick them up. That evening I started to put things back into place and deciding where I wanted to place the bookshelf and the dry erase board.

The next morning I continued while the kids were in school and my goal was to have everything in its place by thetime I had to pick them up.

Picture 014 Picture 016

The dry erase board was a hit and till this day is heavily used.

Picture 023

I love this floor lamp I found and placed it next the table so the kids have extra lighting when they are doing homework, coloring or reading.

Picture 024 Picture 177

I added this placemats for a pop of color. I couldn’t resist. I filled the little tins with everyday items like pens, pencils, crayons and candy jars filled with snacks. I switch the snacks weekly so the kids won’t get bored. They love it.

Picture 176

These over sized pillows are placed in front of the book shelf. All the kids use them when they play the guitar, grab a book or simply to relax on.

Picture 178 Picture 179

Here you can see I tried my best to organize the books as best I could but honestly it never looks great. Books come in so many shapes and sizes and colors that it looks like a mess always. But hey, a girl can try. I also stored board games they love to play.

Picture 180

My daughters guitar. She loves to play!

Picture 181

We get a lot of play from this.

Picture 182 Picture 183

This is the current seating and again I mentioned we need something more comfy.

I found these chevron pillow covers at Hobby Lobby and love them. Such an easy change.

blog 121

I also found this chevron rug from Hobby Lobby and place it under the kids computer. Love!

blog 120

On the desk I placed this desk lamp that is similar to the floor lamp. All of things patterns and textures have pulled the room together and I am happy about it ;)

blog 119

OMG…this is my most favorite item in the room. I have this 20×20 frame (fairly large statement) and placed some artwork from my kids when they were in pre-school. I LOVE it and smile when I see it.

Here’s a quick and inexpensive wall art project.

Picture 267Picture 268

On my shopping adventures I found canvases on sale. At home I had quilting hoops I had no idea what I was going to use them for. So my light bulb went off and bought the canvases and fabric.

Picture 022 Picture 021

I hot glued the fabric onto the back of the canvas and the quilting hoops.

Check it out!

For less $15 I got 4 new pieces of wall art. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Happy Lounging,



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