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My Grand Spankin New Piano December 5, 2013

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Well, not technically new but a make over.

Picture 574

In the spring I ran into a phenomenal deal for this piano and knew it was MINE.

The only scary thing was the condition of it and frankly moving the heavy darn thing. My poor husband always gets sucked into my finds.

Picture 542

It really doesn’t look to bad, right?!


When your up close, the paint job was B-A-D, BAD. They applied one coat of an oil base paint and it was chipping and the paint had runs dripping down. It was crazy.

Picture 545 Picture 541 Picture 544

So off I went to start scraping away.


I spy an SB coffee. HAHA. I needed some motivation.

This was a big job for sure.

After the third day of laboring away and scrapping my life away,

Picture 552 Picture 550 Picture 551

I cleaned everything and vacuumed the paint chips and started to sand the piano down. Ugh…another tedious and extremely dusty task.

Picture 555 Picture 553 Picture 554

Here the first coat is painted.

It’s already looking better.

Picture 506 Picture 504 Picture 505

Before I started working on the piano, I actually worked on the bench. The lid was pretty beat up so it gave me the excuse to rocked it out with some ‘not so common’ fabric. Yeah!!

Off to Hobby Lobby I went. My Fav.

Picture 517

Check it out. I found this on SALE.

Yes it’s zebra print but with warm colors. I figured I could go for it since it’s being used in a smaller amount.

Okay Okay back to painting the bench.

Picture 508 Picture 507

I removed all the hardware from the lid and got ready to paint.

Picture 511

Here’s my paint of choice.

Picture 514 Picture 512 Picture 513

This paint was looking a bit purple when I applied it that it scared me a bit at first. But soon after, all is well.

Picture 519 Picture 515 Picture 516 Picture 518

The paint had to dry so I went ahead and started to plan out how I wanted to cushion the bench.

I had a 2″ poly foam leftover from another project and batting so I saved some money there.

I love saving money :)

Picture 527 Picture 520 Picture 521 Picture 522 Picture 523

I did apply a coat of paint on the backside of the lid because it will be seen when retrieving lesson books.

Prepping the material and padding is crucial so I tripled checked my placement so I had enough padding and fabric to pull all around each edge. I prepped my staple gun and was ready to start.

The corners get tricky and sometimes you have to improvise. I had to cut a piece off each corner to make sure the lid would close properly. No big deal and no one but you and I will notice.

Picture 524 Picture 525 Picture 526

Make sure to tuck the fabric in and pull it just enough to taunt the material.

Picture 530 Picture 528 Picture 529

I then placed the hardware back on.

Picture 536 Picture 531 Picture 532 Picture 533 Picture 534 Picture 535

It came out great!!! Don’t you think?!

Picture 577 Picture 572 Picture 573 Picture 574 Picture 575 Picture 576

With all my efforts, sweat, time, dedication, caffeine induced jolt, tired muscles, fatigue, energy and love I’m officially done and genuinely proud.

Now to get my children piano lessons so it can be used properly and not for banging. HaHa

Happy Symphony,



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  1. Another awesome job well done I love the make over.

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