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Storage Bin Organizer August 6, 2013

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IMG_1418 IMG_1417

I was given this cool vintage nail and screw metal bin and got super excited with its potential.

First, I had to soak and scrub the heck out of it.

Summer 2013 741 Summer 2013 739 Summer 2013 740

I lightly sand the surfaces to make sure the paint would stick properly.

I only needed to apply two coats of paint  and waited 24 hours for the paint to dry before I could use it.


Now that it was dried, I put all the bins back in its place.

I know your curious to know what I decided to do with this organizer.

Wait for it…

Just a bit more waiting…

As you know, I have a daughter and girls have a ton of tiny bits.



my daughter and I thought we should finally organize all her hair ties, clips, bands, bows etc.

Wouldn’t you agree?!


Let the challenge begin!  We spilled all the hair ties out and clips onto the floor and started to color coordinating.  Honestly, it was fun to spend this time together and to hear her say things like ‘she is a big girl now and doesn’t want anything with Dora on it anymore’.  Super Cute!!!

IMG_1683 IMG_1682

We’re finally covering some ground here.

What would Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz say “Clips, bows and headbands Oh My”!

IMG_1685 IMG_1684

Here’s a view of a very colorful rainbow and assortment of every hair thing imaginable.

IMG_1688 IMG_1686 IMG_1687

It looks so pretty. Hopefully we can keep it this way :)


My favorite moment will be school mornings when I’m not going crazy looking for something to tie her crazy hair back.

If you know my girl, then this organizer is a blessing.

Happy Organizing Somewhere Over the Rainbow,



3 Responses to “Storage Bin Organizer”

  1. alyssa Says:

    Stop being so cool!

  2. Zora Rivera Says:

    Love it.

  3. Beautiful!! My husband did a similar thing with my son’s Lego pieces (but it doesn’t look as pretty as your unit!)

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